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Give your company a competitive edge with genuine customer feedback

Don’t let your customer concerns fall through the cracks. Optimize your customer experience with genuine insights that improve customer retention and increase your revenue.

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Anticipate Your Customer Needs

Gain vital information about your customer experience with genuine feedback at the close of every customer support interaction.

Accelerate Your Operational Efficiency

Accelerate Your Operational Efficiency

Inform your sales process with valuable data about your customer journey from sale to satisfaction.

Decrease Customer Churn

Decrease Customer Churn

Build lasting customer relationships by providing meaningful solutions as soon as problems arise.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Gain a reputation for exceptional customer service that builds brand loyalty and increases revenue.

The tools you need to provide exceptional customer service

Make the most of your customer service with instant feedback and actionable insights about client satisfaction and team performance.

Integrated Customer Surveys

A quick, visual survey included at the end of every customer support ticket gives you valuable feedback as close to the interaction as possible.

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Automated Alerts

Keep a closer eye on your most important clients with customizable notifications that let you know when something goes wrong.

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Actionable Data Analytics

Easily track key metrics about customer satisfaction, including reviews, response rate, and change over time.

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Companies that trust SmileBack to provide unparalleled customer service.

After suffering from dismal response rates, we discovered SmileBack. At Sea-Level, we coach operations for more than 100 MSPs. Every MSP who has implemented SmileBack has seen DRAMATIC increases in response rates. Several like to start our coaching calls by showing off their CSAT results. Bravo SmileBack! Well Done.

REX FRANK, President, Sea-Level Operations

We were looking for a consistent easy way for our clients to give us feedback. SmileBack is an easy to set up tool that allows our clients to give that feedback with as little as one click! Our clients love it and we use the data in quarterly business reviews with them to start conversations around service improvements. Great product!


We have been using SmileBack for not quite a year, but it has been invaluable to gauge how we are doing in the eyes of our clients. It has come in handy at quarterly meetings to show clients how their end users have rated our service. Setup was simple and reporting/searching is very straightforward. We love the Peer Leaderboard–being able to see how we are doing compared to fellow HTG23 companies.

KRISTEN CIAROCHI, Dispatcher, Imagine IT

We use SmileBack extensively throughout our business to ensure we really know how our clients feel about our service. It gives us some of the most important KPIs we work with. Response rates are very high so we can rely on the data. Setup is simple and the SmileBack team are super easy to do business with.

MALCOLM DIACK, Senior Strategist , Netstar UK


Company Performance Report

Recognize patterns and hidden opportunities to improve your customer experience with an accurate snapshot of overall client satisfaction.

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Support Team Evaluation

Recognize and reward your team for exceptional customer service to incentivize future performance and increase customer satisfaction.

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Real-Time Satisfaction Score

The interactive website widget displays your customer satisfaction score in real time, so new customers know what to expect as soon as they arrive.

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Intuitive, feature-rich, affordable customer support software used by more than 150,000 businesses


Connect your customer feedback with your existing client data in ConnectWise Manage to give you a deeper understanding of each request.


Apply BrightGauge’s analysis capabilities to your client feedback data. Create dashboards that give you immediate updates on new reviews.


By integrating ConnectSMART, you get an in-depth view of how your clients are rating your service. Use ConnectSMART’s deep reporting tools to address issues right away.


With our Dropbox integration, you get direct access to all of the feedback data we capture about your clients, synced automatically.


With Zapier, you can turn each client review captured by SmileBack into a trigger that produces an action in one of thousands of other apps. 

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Don’t let your customer concerns fall through the cracks. Optimize your customer experience with genuine insights that improve customer retention and increase your revenue.

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